1. Members agree to provide the best available quality service and installation, using trained, experienced mechanics.
  2. Members agree to obey the Local and State Laws and Building Codes applicable to our industry.
  3. Members agree to assist the Association and State and Local Authorities in the apprehension of unlicensed practitioners.
  4. Members agree to compete fairly with other licensed contractors and that they will always provide an estimate of cost, to repair or replace, to the consumer, before proceeding with the work.
  5. Members agree to use only those subcontractors who are properly licensed and qualified to work in our industry.
  6. Members agree to discourage their employees from participating in side-work or other illegal activity as it concerns the industry.
  7. Members agree to deliver the advertised products and services at the advertised price.
  8. Members agree that when cleaning, inspectional and tune-up services are offered, they will provide a mechanic, properly trained, to perform this work. If the mechanic has only been trained for, and is only competent to perform preventative maintenance type work, he shall refrain from making more technical or diagnostic decisions concerning system repair or design, including sales proposals based on those decisions.
  9. Members agree not to allow their employees to deliberately damage equipment or knowingly make fraudulent statements concerning equipment condition for the purpose of making a sale.
  10. Members agree to always respect any lawful right to rescission by the consumer.
  11. Members agree to refrain from making disparaging statements, concerning other members, to consumers or regulatory officials. If another member fails to act in the best interests of a consumer, or violates regulatory standards, the incident will first be reported to the Association.

We agree that should we wish to withdraw, we will tender our resignation, in writing, to the Board of Directors. We agree that upon our resignation, or if our membership is terminated by the Association, we will pay all dues and outstanding charges up to the date of our resignation or termination. Should it become necessary for RACCA to recover outstanding dues or other charges, through collection or legal means, we will be responsible for reasonable attorney's fees and court costs.

We understand that, in the event our membership is terminated by either party, we will be required to discontinue the use of the RACCA insignia and other forms of membership identification, in accordance with the Association By-laws. If necessary, the Association may take any legal steps necessary to enforce these By-Law provisions and we may be liable for legal fees.

All applications for membership are subject to the approval of the RACCA Board of Directors. Dues and solicitations are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be considered a business expense.