EPA Certification Exams



The great thing about this program is that you can take your time, learn at your own speed, and work on exactly the same type of material that you will find on the official EPA tests. When you use this home study manual, you will have prepared for every question you will be asked on the EPA tests: Core, types I, II III, and Universal.


The Study Material includes….
A short, concise, home study manual, up-to-date with the latest EPA revisions (Feb. 1, 2000)

The Cost for the study manual and exam is $125.00. The manual will be mailed when the registration form and fee are received. Cost for a Retest is $65.00

NEW!  RACCA now provides a 2 hour prep class immediately before our scheduled exams every 60 days. The class cost is $25.00 plus the cost of the study manual and exam ($125). The class covers all the material one might expect to see on the exam. The class is not mandatory, it is an additional tool to help certification candidates pass the exam.

Scheduled Exam Dates


Appointments for exams may be made at any time.

The Exam will be given at the RACCA facility.

Limited seating, registration is required.

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