October 12, 2017 Monthly Meeting

Recruiting and Retaining That Elusive Workforce – Millennials 

October 12, 2017 | 5:30pm Networking and Cash Bar
6:30pm Dinner and Program Presentation
Enjoy 2 complimentary drinks sponsored by John C. Jones and Associates.

Everyone (HVAC contractors, other trades, manufacturing) are all asking where to find entry level or skilled employees.  Many potential employees are coming from the age group known as the “millennials”.  What do these individuals look for in an employer or career; what motivates them in the workplace; and why do some stay with a company and others change jobs and careers every six months? Our speaker will provide insights in how to communicate and utilize the talents of millennials to keep your company at its best. Speaker: Rosemary Brehm, Founder and Chief Results Officer, Turning Points 2 Results

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