HVAC Excellence Technician Certification

HVAC Excellence Technician Certification

The HVAC Excellence Technician Certification program was created by the Education Standards Corporation (ESCO) in 1994. Aside from RSES it is one of the oldest competency testing programs in existence. ESCO also provides EPA testing and a number of credentialing accreditation programs.
RACCA has chosen to endorse and provide the HVAC Excellence Technician Certification program for the following reasons:

  • It is a nationally recognized and challenging competency exam.
  • It provides more certification specialties than the other national programs.
  • It is affordable. Many other exam systems have become expensive, making it difficult for contractors and technicians to deal with the cost.
  • It more closely resembles the automotive industry “ASE” program that our industry was seeking.
  • The certification does not require renewal testing.
  • Finally, in spite of the hyperbole and widespread marketing of other programs, it is a professionally administered, reputable national program that allows contractors to advertise that their technicians are “Certified”.

Additionally, we have put together a study package that should help candidates prepare for the exam. Contractors can purchase one of these packages for exam prep and also retain the manuals in their technical library for reference and future training.

Individuals may make appointments during regular business hours (Monday thru Friday) to take or retake any exams. Companies with 5 or more test-takers may be able to make special arrangements for in-house testing. A two-hour prep class is also available in certain cases. Please call RACCA’s offices for more information or to schedule an appointment for examination. Call us at 727-209-5745.

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